Almost 50 Quilt sections from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America will be traveling. The tour began at the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on July 11, 2004, and traveled around the world through June, 2005.
Tour schedule:

2005 Sites (confirmed)  
February: USA: School, churches, Philadelphia conference
March: USA: Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY
April: RUSSIA: Russian State Duma, Museum of Photography
May: AFRICA: South Africa local school & church
June: USA: Washington, DC (POLF Conference);
USA:  IAPI's 13th Annual NYC Unfold Street Fair @ NYU
JAPAN: ICAAP Conference, Kobe, Japan (tentative)
July: USA: NCAAA Conference, Chicago, IL
2004 Sites  
Summer: ASIA:  Bangkok, Thailand
AFRICA:  Zimbabwe, South Africa
USA:  Kansas City, MO (POLF Conference)
Fall/Winter: USA:  NYC schools & churches
USA: NCLAA conference, Philadelphia, PA

World AIDS Day:

CARIBBEAN:  Haiti, Jamaica
USA:  NYC schools & churches
WORLDWIDE: Pfizer, Inc. - 20 locations

2004/2005 World Quilt Tour

Portions of commemorative and solidarity panels that are on loan from many International Affiliates of the Quilt are available for display.  The tour is designed to accomplish two goals: 1) raise greater awareness of the global program of HIV/AIDS; and 2) help raise funds for participating organizations.
For application to bring the Quilt to your organization, please see Forms and Applications below.  Below is information regarding usage of the Int'l Quilt for within the U.S. or abroad and details about timeframes, Quilts, shipping, honorarium and costs for a display.

Tour Includes:
    • Sections of the International Commemorative & Solidarity panels
    • Information on IAPI's Sistering Program for foreign countries
    • Information on IAPI's Threads of Hope "New Panel Kit" Program
    • Signage for each Quilt (printed flag and name of country)

Tour timeframe:  Borrowers can keep the Quilt for one week, and we encourage them to display the Quilts as many time as possible during this timeframe.  Those wishing to keep portions of International Quilt longer can do so for an additional fee to be agreed upon in advance (pending availability of other scheduled displays).

Quilt Dimensions: Quilt sections come in different sizes.  European, Pacific Rim/Asian, and Canadian sections are 4 meters by 4 meters (12 feet by 12 feet similar to sections made in the United States).  South African and South American sections are approximately 4 meters (wide) by 2 meters (high), and work well for venues with low-ceilings.

Display Options:  Sections of the Quilt are unique and as such are irreplaceable - caring for them is of prime importance.  Therefore, hanging the Quilt is preferred.  Each section has grommets or loops sewn into the top border to be used to hang from a ceiling or wall.  If sections are displayed on the floor, a volunteer should be assigned a position to protect them from harm.

Within the 50 States of United States:

Honorarium/Cost:  The suggested honorarium to display a Quilt is US$200 to $500 per section with a minimum order of two (2).  Those borrowing more than five sections (or $1,000 honoraria) can receive an additional three (3) additional sections for no additional cost, totally eight (8) sections in total.  Honorariums must be received prior to the shipment or pickup of the Quilt.  Funds raised go directly to the participating organization.

U.S. Shipping: Participants are required to pay for shipping (FedEx/UPS, messenger, etc) to your location and its return.  If you live near New York City, you can pickup Quilt directly from our offices.  Ground or overnight can be used provided there is time for delivery.  Only trackable forms of shipping are acceptable.

International Displays:

Honorarium & Cost:  The suggested honorarium to display a Quilt is US$100 per section with a minimum order of eight (8).  These funds go directly to the participating international organization.
In addition to the costs of a display, venue, advertising, and volunteer/staff need, potential participants must raise funds for an IAPI or Global Quilt ambassador to accompany and travel with the Quilt for your event.  This is to ensure the safety and care of the Quilt.  Costs include round trip airline ticket (from US), hotel accommodations during event, excess luggage expenses (see below), transport within country, and modest per diem for ambassador.  This individual will help with the setup and breakdown of the display, offer any workshops or programming offered by IAPI & Global Quilt, and be your technical support throughout the planning stages of your display. 

International Transport of Quilt:  Participants outside the U.S. requesting portions of the Int'l AIDS Memorial Quilt require personal delivery of the Quilt.  An IAPI or Global Quilt ambassador will be assigned to accompany the Quilt to your event (see above honorarium and costs for details).
 The size of each display depends of the cost of excess luggage costs.  Each duffle bag that the Quilt travels in holds approximately 3 to 5 sections of Quilt (average is 4), and each bag is charged by airlines accordingly.  Therefore, a display of 8 sections of Quilt would require two (2) duffle bags (approx USA$200-400 per bag, each way).  A display of twenty (20) sections would require 4-5 duffle bags and the cost of excess luggage is multiplied.

Click here for application/request form
• More questions, contact IAPInitiative@aol.com


Any organization that has an AIDS Quilt can participate, regardless of whether or not it is an affiliate of The NAMES Project.  Participants must agree to the terms of the tour, and provide a minimum of two (2) sections sewn together to measure 2 meters by 2 meters (6ft x 6ft).  We suggest larger formats, either 2 meters by 4 meters (6ft x 12ft), or 4 meters by 4 meters (12ft x 12ft).  A World Tour Participant Application is available upon request.  A minimum of two (2) sections are suggested to be included in the tour.
The Tour is designed to raise funds for each nonprofit organization loaning quilt.  Each venue is asked for an honorarium of US$200 per section.  Half of the income derived returns to the participating organization, and the remaining funds support the expenses for obtaining quilt sections, transportation, and ongoing related programming.  The program also provides grants to schools and churches that cannot afford the honorarium.  More than $7,500 was raised in 2003 for participating organizations.

Each section should have a flag and/or country's name of origin sewn into the section, or provide a sign identifying the organization that is "loaning" a particular quilt.

NOTE: Return of Quilts and payment will take place at the end of the tour. Return and wiring of funds will be paid for by the tour partners.  If, however, an organization wishes return of its Quilt and/or payment prior to the tour's completion, costs to return the Quilt and wire funds will be deducted from their planned honoraria.
If you are interested in participating, please contact: IAPInitiative@aol.com

Global Quilt is an NGO based in the Netherlands and was formed to bring a global perspective to the AIDS pandemic through panelmaking workshops, technical assistance, and HIV/AIDS education, programs.  It has board members from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, and the USA. It is not affiliated with The NAMES Project Foundation.
Global Quilt's goals are to: 1) provide Quilt sections for conferences and events promoting HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention; 2) maintain a website providing networking capabilities for Quilt Affiliates already in existence with information, programs, and other Quilt-related programming; 3) provide a calendar of global Quilt activities; and 4) assist additional countries in using the Quilt.


The International AIDS Prevention Initiative ("IAPI") is the new name for the NAMES Project New York City.  IAPI learned that by partnership African, Caribbean, and South American organizations with local African-American and Latin-American communities, it increased its opportunities to reach members of those communities.  Through IAPI's AIDS Quilt related programs, schools, organizations and churches in many countries help each other in their respective HIV/AIDS efforts.
One of these programs, "Threads of Hope", provides kits containing supplies donated in the United States to organizations abroad in order to make panels of their own.  Threads of Hope allows partnering organizations to share their own programs and other types of assistance.  Completed sections are shared with similar cultures and communities, and provide an opportunity to reach populations most at-risk to HIV/AIDS.
Another IAPI program, "Wake Up America", uses portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to raise greater global awareness of HIV/AIDS.  Portions of Quilt from around the world are used in HIV/AIDS efforts bringing greater opportunities to reach disenfranchised communities in the United States.  This program was been expanded in 2004 to include the Global Quilt's World Quilt Tour.

Jeff Bosacki
Int'l AIDS Prevention Initiative & Global Quilt
75 Varick Street, Suite 1404
New York, NY  10013
(212) 226-2292
Email:  IAPInitiative@aol.com