Volunteer Opportunities
(as of April 2005)

IAPI is an all-volunteer tax exempt organization under IRA statutes with 501(c)(3) designation.  IAPI is managed by a Board of Directors elected annually.  Throughout the year IAPI provides HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention programs using portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt (not affiliated with The NAMES Project FDN) at schools, businesses, medical facilities, governmental institutions, prisons, and community organizations.  IAPI is not affiliated with The NAMES Project Foundation.
Volunteer opportunities can be on a monthly, quarterly, and project-based basis. Except for school and outreach activities, most volunteer projects and meetings take place at our offices at 75 Varick Street, Suite 1404, New York City (at Canal Street). The office can be reached by taking the 1/9 trains to Canal or by the A/C/E to Canal and walking over one block west to Varick.
Office space is generously donated by District Council 1707 (DC1707), and located within their office suite. Our heartfelt thanks to the management and staff at DC1707 who believe in our work and make this space available.
Listed below are volunteer positions and opportunities with our organization. If you are interested, please call (212) 226-2292 or email us at: IAPInitiative@aol.com

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I.   Board & Committee Positions
II.  Fundraising and Special Event Positions
III. Agency Collaborations
IV. Operating Volunteer Activities
V.  Display Volunteers

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I. Board & Committee Positions:

Board Positions:
Board Positions are voted on at annual meetings.  Two year commitments are requested for these positions and take on the fiduciary responsibilities of the organization.  Except for annual membership dues, no annual commitment to raise additional funds for the organization is required at this time.

Committee Positions:
These are some of the committee positions available to assist IAPI with its work. These positions facilitate the day-to-day activities of the organization, and in many cases no previous experience is required. Some positions require more time than others, and some are project-based activities happening once each year.  Each position has specific responsibilities. We respectfully request a one year commitment for any position.

II. Fundraising and Special Event Positions:

These positions are project-based or on an as-needed basis. We do request that you make a commitment to complete any project you selected.




III. Agency Collaborations

Some of the best efforts in reaching disenfranchised communities, students, and other high risk groups for HIV, have come from collaborations with other agencies and organizations. Some of our committee members work at local organizations which have HIV/AIDS & health outreach, prevention and education programs that they offer to their clients, businesses, and communities. By combining efforts and using portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt, IAPI has had great success in breaking the silence about talking about HIV/AIDS, dispelling the many stereotypes associated with the disease, and sharing the compassion of those who have lost someone to AIDS.
If your place of work has an HIV/AIDS outreach and education program, we invite you to join our team, learn ways to use the Quilt to compliment your efforts, and enable both organizations to reach more audiences.

IV. Operating Volunteer Activities:

Below are volunteer opportunities for our day-to-day activities. It can be something that is familiar to what you do professionally, or something completely different. We want your experience in volunteering to be enjoyable and rewarding. These positions are project-based or as needed commitments.


• Data Entry/Office Help
IAPI uses several software packages to manage its activities.  Data entry takes place throughout the year and is scheduled based on a volunteer's availability.  Computers are available at the office to accomplish these tasks during business hours and after work.  We request that volunteers working with data entry make a six (6) month commitment giving time to learn protocol and receive additional training necessary to complete these tasks.

• School Outreach Opportunities
IAPI’s “Quilt 101" - HIV/AIDS Prevention Program is taken into dozens of schools each year, primarily in the spring and fall.  Volunteers facilitate curriculum-based discussions about compassion, memorials, and how students can get involved. Volunteers are trained in IAPI’s curriculum, need some knowledge of the organization, be able to communicate their personal experiences, and available during school hours.  IAPI also requires a volunteer to have experience working with youth. Primary months and times for school outreaches are:

SPRING (8 am-1 pm, Mon. thru Fri.):

Mid-March to end of the month
April (entire month)
May (entire month)

FALL (8am-1pm, Mon. thru Fri.):

October (entire month)
November (last 2 weeks)
December (first 2 weeks)


• Threads of Hope “New Panel Kit” Program
IAPI created a way in which individuals, organizations, churches, and schools can donate unused or unwanted fabric, sewing supplies, and notions, and provided to organizations outside the US wanting to make panels but cannot afford the basic supplies.  Donations and supplies are received throughout the year and IAPI makes time to ensure that each Threads of Hope kit has the basic supplies necessary to complete a panel.  If you would like to assist IAPI with this program, email us here.

• World AIDS Day Assistance:
World AIDS Day (WAD), December 1st, is an annual world-wide event when IAPI assists organizations, hospitals, businesses, places of worship, prisons, and schools commemorate those lost to AIDS while also educating their employees, clients, and/or customers.  Prior to the actual event, volunteers are needed to help with administration, correspondence, inventory, and prepare for quilt distribution and return.  If you'd like to help an afternoon, evening, or more, please contact us for specific dates and times.

Pre-event needs (date and time flexible - can be done from home or IAPI’s office):

  • Administrative mailings: (June thru Sept.)
  • General mailing: (June)
  • Distribution: mid-November

Location:    IAPI offices - 75 Varick Street, Suite 1404 (at Canal)
Time:        Approximately 12 noon to 8 pm
Days:       Monday thru Friday
(Closed for Thanksgiving 4-day weekend )

If you are interested please contact us at: IAPInitiative@aol.com.

V. Display Volunteers

Most displays in the New York area are sponsored by other organizations while IAPI provides portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt.  If a display uses more than eight (8) 12ft by 12ft sections of the Quilt, volunteers are needed to help protect the Quilt, assist visitors in answering questions (or share your personal experience), and help with logistics at setup and breakdown.
Click here to see definitions of volunteer needs for a medium to large display.