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Our organization has not closed our doors! While we have left The NAMES Project Foundation, we will continue to do HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education work in the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Yonkers, Westchester-Hudson Valley areas, and throughout the world. The departure will allow us to continue the work we have began in Africa, the Caribbean, and other countries, and partner New Yorker's own dis-enfranchised communities with their native cultures.

Our programs have been redesigned (from the former NAMES Project New York City) to have a global perspective in our HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention efforts.  Therefore, we use portions of the International AIDS Quilt that are loan from foreign countries who are the owners and caretakers of these foreign Quilt sections. Please note that our programs are not affiliated with The NAMES Project Foundation based in Atlanta, GA.  We do not use portions of the AIDS Memorial Quilt that have been sewn, maintained, and warehoused within the United States. 

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New York City Educational Programs
• School Programs
• Classroom Panelmaking Workshops
• PTA/PTO Parent/Teacher Education
• Corporate, Community Outreaches
• World AIDS Day
• Interfaith Program
• Community Service Project
- "Threads of Hope Program"
• Plays Using the Quilt

Using the International Quilt to Educate
• The Int'l Quilt as an Education Resource
• Raising AIDS Awareness
• Strengthening HIV Prevention Education
• Teaching About the Int'l Quilt
• Youth at Risk

Int'l Quilt Resources and Display
• National Resource List
• Local Resource List
• Local Int'l Quilt Display

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New York City Educational Programs

• School Programs
Our organization offers an HIV/AIDS Prevention Program to be used in conjunction with local HIV/AIDS curriculum. A volunteer from our organization will bring a section of The International AIDS Memorial Quilt to your school to give a different perspective of the AIDS pandemic. Students see part of the Quilt, have an open discussion about the human element of losing someone, and learn how the Quilt enables people to remember someone they have lost. The program uses a pre and post evaluation to measure whether the experience of seeing and talking about the Quilt changes students thoughts and attitudes about HIV/AIDS. Most importantly, the Quilt can help students fell more comfortable talking about HIV/AIDS and can help continue dialogue with their peers, parents, teachers, clergy or counselor.

Curriculum & Lesson Plan Objective
These are the objectives of the organization's school program:

• To learn about the history of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.
• To learn about the most current national/city statistics regarding HIV/AIDS.
• To analyze the uses of memorials as tributes to people's memories and stories of their lives.
• To view sections of the Int'l AIDS Memorial Quilt.
• To discuss the uses of the Quilt as a vehicle to memorialize people who have died of HIV/AIDS.
• To discuss the use of the Quilt as a mechanism for teaching people about HIV/AIDS.
• To discuss the use of the Quilt as a way to help individuals cope with a loss of a loved one from HIV/AIDS.
• To discuss compassion towards people to are "affected" and "infected" by HIV/AIDS.
• To encourage volunteerism in HIV/AIDS-related organizations.

What teacher/schools need to do before our arrival
As in any program, it is essential to evaluate and measure the effects it has on its audience, which is why we request the completion of evaluations. We can provide schools with our "pre" evaluations completed before students arrive to see the Int'l Quilt. Once the presentation is complete, the "post" evaluation can be handed out and completed at that time. All other forms will be review by our volunteer with the teacher/school prior to our arrival. A confirmation letter will be sent/faxed (or telephone call) to the teacher/school which will include final arrangements including the date for our visit.

What our volunteer will do prior to visit
Prior to the presentation of the Lesson Plan, the assigned volunteer will receive a copy of the completed "Request Form" and review the information. Volunteers are trained to present the program and are familiar with the related activities and options the program offers (i.e., panelmaking, audio visuals, etc.) Pre and post evaluations and any pre-activity requested will be send prior to our visit.

• Classroom Panelmaking Workshops
We offer assistance in establishing a panelmaking workshop in your school or classroom.  Each school accepts the challenge of finding fabric and materials to make and complete their panels.  Schools can choose to keep completed panels and display them in their lobbies or other areas to compliment sustainable HIV/AIDS prevention.  At the conclusion of these displays, panels must be turned into The NAMES Project Foundation in Atlanta, GA.

• PTA/PTO Parent and Teacher Education
Our classroom program can be presented at your PTA/PTO meeting to help diffuse any misconceptions parents might have about what their children are learning. This can also encourage parents to get involved with HIV/AIDS educations teams in schools.

• Corporate, Community Outreaches
Our organization will provide Int'l Quilt to help to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in your office or other area. HIV conferences, awareness days, and prevention seminars are just a few of the many events where Quilt has been displayed. Please check the General Guidelines above for additional requirements.

• World AIDS and AIDS Awareness Day
We offer portions of The Int'l AIDS Memorial Quilt (not affiliated with The NAMES Project FDN) to be used with your World AIDS Day commemorations (December 1). World AIDS Day requests are due by September 1st to allow time to receive the panels. AIDS Awareness Days and Health Fair events can also take advantage of using the Quilt. We need 4-6 weeks prior notice to help organize volunteers and Quilt. We request honorariums in order to transport the Quilt to you.

• Interfaith Program
Compassion has always been a major factor in our outreach efforts. Our organization offers assistance in educating your congregation more about HIV/AIDS, and how it affects all of us. A volunteer will help organize to bring a portion of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to your church. One of our goals is to use the Quilt to further discussions among your members about HIV/AIDS, and how it has affected their communities and families.

We offer assistance in establishing a panelmaking workshop at your place of worship, so members have the opportunity to remember someone they have lost by making a panel. Each church accepts the challenge to find fabric and material, and schedule regular workshops for members to create and sew their panels. Upon completion, we can provide assistance in planning a Panel Dedication Ceremony at your church, before giving the panels to The NAMES Project FND for final inclusion to the US AIDS Memorial Quilt. See "General Guidelines", above for other requirements for displaying the Quilt.

• Community Service Project - "Threads of Hope" Program
Our new organization is developing Community Service Project available for schools, churches, businesses, and organizations to broaden our efforts of social responsibility towards countries who are challenged with a serious threat of HIV/AIDS.  These programs will allow US-based groups to "sister" or "twin" with countries we are working with, and allow us to continue our efforts to wake-up Americans that HIV/AIDS is a serious global problem.  Our organization feels that the knowledge and experience our country has, along with many others, should be shared with countries in need.  We are developing ways to make this possible with little to no cost.

For more information about our Threads of Hope Program.

• Plays Using the Quilt

"Between The Seams"

This play was performed for the first time during World AIDS Day 2003 in Yonkers, New York. It was written by Dan Gallagher, who has been using the Quilt for many years in local HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention efforts in Westchester County.

For more information, contact Dan Gallagher at Dgallag114@aol.com or visit their website at: www.btsonstage.com.

"Quilt, A Musical Celebration"

Few who have seen the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt can ever forget the experience or the powerful emotions evoked by this patchwork of panels celebrating the memory of a friend or family member who has died of this terrible scourge.

This series of stories for, from and about the Quilt is threaded together by a volunteer's experience while making a panel in memory of a friend. In monologues and songs that bring the audience through the full range of emotions, “Quilt, A Musical Celebration” commemorates the victims and survivors of this disease and the ones left behind.

“Quilt, A Musical Celebration” is a unique and affecting work dealing with a timely, contemporary subject. Its educational qualities have been embraced by many schools. Minimal band, set and cast requirements and a flexible running order make it perfect for theatres of any size, as well as for benefit or concert performances.

A portion of all royalties from “Quilt, A Musical Celebration” is donated to various AIDS organizations, including International AIDS Prevention Initiative and Equity Fights AIDS.

Visit Music Theatre International's website for further information at www.mtishows.com.

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Using the International Quilt to Educate

• The Int'l Quilt as an Education Resource
The International Quilt as a Resource for HIV/AIDS prevention and education surveys conducted by our organization in foreign countries among school-age youth show that viewing the Int'l AIDS Memorial Quilt dramatically drives home the message that "AIDS could happen to me."  Seven out of ten students who participated in the program said that viewing the Quilt made them want to learn more about how to protect themselves from HIV infection.

Locally, New York City schools after seeing the International Quilt have been compelled to make panels to remember those they have lost to AIDS.  We provide a portion of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt (not affiliates with The NAMES Project FDN) from Africa, Asia, Europe, Caribbean and Latin American countries.  Schools particularly with African and Caribbean students immediately relate to the stigma their cultures face surrounding talking about HIV/AIDS, AIDS is a global problem, and no country is excluded from the disease.  Education doesn't get any better than this.

As a concrete symbol of the AIDS pandemic, the Int'l Quilt provides teachers with a powerful way to engage students in a discussion about HIV/AIDS.  Students and teachers can take advantage of this teachable moment and arrange to display a portion of the Int'l Quilt to assist with the HIV/AIDS education and prevention efforts.

• Raising AIDS Awareness
The AIDS Memorial Quilt works on many levels to increase understanding of the AIDS epidemic. By showing the humanity behind the statistics, the Quilt teaches compassion towards people affected by HIV. Quilt displays stimulate discussion about a variety of AIDS related issues, often dramatically transforming a school of community's commitment to AIDS education. The diversity of lives memorialized in the Quilt...young and old, female and male, gay and straight, of many races and cultures...enhances its ability to reach a wide variety of audience.

• Strengthening HIV Prevention Education
Many Americans continue to believe that "AIDS can't happen to me." The Quilt has an important role to play in HIV prevention education because it shows that AIDS can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any age. By encouraging visitors to recognize their own risk of HIV infection, the Quilt creates a teachable moment when people of all ages become motivated to learn and apply the information that can save their lives.

• Teaching About the International Quilt
Our organization's HIV/AIDS School International Quilt Program is designed to help you maximize the educational benefits your students receive from viewing the Quilt. Focused classroom discussion will help students gain a deeper understanding of the Quilt's history, purpose and meaning. Students may have strong feelings after viewing the Quilt. The program therefore includes many follow up activities and worksheets to help students explore their feelings about AIDS through writing, art and other creative forms of expression. In addition, making Quilt panels can be a very rewarding experience for students and teachers, and can be done before, during and after your outreach.

This program is designed to augment rather than replace participating schools HIV prevention program. Before we bring the Quilt to the classroom, we require the teacher to have completed or begun the process of HIV/AIDS education. While some volunteers may have knowledge of HIV/AIDS (transmission, risk behavior, etc.), it is not our purpose to present this type of information to students. All HIV/AIDS related questions are referred back to the classroom teacher, HIV Team Leader or SPARK/COSA counselor.

• Youth at Risk
Worldwide, half of all HIV infections occur in 15-19 year olds.

• Everyday, over 8,000 people are newly infected with HIV (World Health Organization (WHO) 11/95)
• 1 person is infected with HIV every second (WHO 6/94)
• It is estimated that 3 million people were infected with HIV in 1993 alone (WHO 11/95)
• 50% of infections now occur with women (CDC 10/95)
• 90% of the worlds population does not know they are HIV positive (NatHealthOrg 97)
• In the US today, HIV is spreading fastest among youth.
• 1 out of every four new HIV infections occurs in someone under 20 (White House Off. Of Nat. AIDS Policy Report 3/96)
• AIDS is a leading cause of death among persons 25-44 (Nat. Cancer Institute (NCI) 1/98)
• There is 1 AIDS-related death every 15 minutes (CDC 3/95)
• There is 1 AIDS diagnosis every 9 minutes (CDC 3/95)
• There is 1 HIV infection every 13 minutes (CDC 3/95)
• NYC accounts for 17% of the nation's AIDS cases (more than LA, SF, Dallas and Wash. DC combined) (NYC Dept. of Health (12/95))

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International Quilt Resources and Display

National Resource List
National Organizations that support the use of the Quilt as Resource for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

Local Resource List
Local Organizations that support the use of the Quilt as Resource for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

Local Int'l Quilt Display
Organizations in the New York City area that have used the Int'l Quilt in their schools, workplace or places of worship

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