Today, the face of HIV/AIDS looks different than it did in the beginning of the pandemic.  More and more people are living with the disease from all walks of life.  International AIDS Prevention Initiative ("IAPI") was inspired to create our Living Quilt Program from an activity created by The Leake & Watt's Children's Center in Yonkers, NY.  One of their support groups for People With HIV/AIDS ("PWA") created "Living" sections by decorating faces of themselves to express how they see themselves living with the disease.  IAPI liked the concept and decided to incorporate "Living" sections with our "Commemorative" sections. 
The program has two types of Quilts: "Living" sections comprised of faces made by PWAs to reflect themselves and their personalities, and "Commemorative" sections that anyone can make to remember someone they have lost to AIDS.  Both Living and Commemorative are 12" or 18" squares, and are sewn together to show that we remember both equally.  Sections become the ownership of those creating them, and does not become apart of the AIDS Memorial Quilt.
We offer HIV/AIDS Conferences, agencies, support groups, etc. to create their own Living Quilt, and display them where everyone can see them.  By displaying them in their own lobbies, offices, classrooms for everyone to see, they can serve as daily HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention tool.  Participants can decide whether to have your sections grow by adding squares, or create new sections as deemed appropriate for your organization.
Instructions for make a "Living Quilt" section:
Those wishing to begin a Living Quilt need to determine the size in which you'd like to make.  They can be 12" or 18" squares, but should be the same size for consistency.  The PWA "Living" sections are faces that are cut out of felt (the color depicting the ethnicity of the individual), and decorated to reflect their personalities and how they picture themselves. The faces are then attached to a 12" or 18" square.  The "Commemorative" Quilt include a person's name who has died from AIDS, and add anything else to reflects your memory of them.  Should a PWA who has created a "Living" Quilt pass away, we encourage an organization to create something like an angel, star, or cloud noting their passing.  This allows Living Quilts to truly reflect the face of HIV/AIDS.
When Your Section is Complete:
Living Quilt are not intended to be included with the NAMES Project Foundation.  They become the property of the agency, conference, or organization who created them.  Some choose to share their sections with others, or use them for their own outreach and awareness campaigns. 
Additional details are available on our website under the panelmaking icon. 
If you wish to make a panel to be included in the AIDS Memorial Quilt, these directions and information can be found in our panelmaking section on this website, or with The NAMES Project Foundation.
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