Please select one or more categories in which you would like to give to The NAMES Project New York City. If you would like more information before donating, please email us click here We are currently not able to take credit card donation, so please print out this page, and mail your check to: The NAMES Project-NYC, 75 Varick Street, Suite 1404, New York, NY 10013. Federal Tax ID # 13-3906161

In Memory/Honor of:   $35 __   $50 __  $75 __   $100 __    (other) $_______

Care & Shipping Donor ($100 to $499)

Matching Grant (with your business)

School Sponsor ($500 or more)

World AIDS Day

Underwrite School and Church displays ($50/12x12)
Underwrite Business, Community Organizations, etc. ($100/12x12)
Larger display sponsor ($2,500/display)
Event Sponsor ($5,000/display)

Program Sponsorship:

South African School Quilt Program ($100 or more)
Provide fabric and supplies for panelmaking
Transport local PWAs to school activities
Provide meals for volunteers
South African School Quilt Program ($500 or more)
Training sessions for South Africans
Office equipment and supplies
Office space for the Quilt
Transport local staff to Quilt activities
Internet access to schools



EVENT SPONSOR ($5,000 or more)