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During the last five years, IAPI is proud to have had the following financial partners and sponsors:

District Council 1707
Merrill Lynch
Minority HealthCare Communications

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I.   Board and Committee Positions
II.  Fundraising and Special Event Positions
III. Agency Collaborations
IV. Operating Volunteer Activities
V.  Display Volunteers

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Fundraising and Donations:
   • IAPI's "Wish List"   
   • Membership
   • Partners and Organizations

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Fundraising and Donations

You can help support the activities of IAPI in many ways. IAPI continually seeks support from businesses, organizations, special fundraising events and personal donations to help underwrite the costs necessary to bring portions of the International Quilt to schools and other venues.  IAPI is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) designated charity, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

The following categories are acknowledged in the IAPI newsletter:

“IN MEMORY” OR “IN HONOR” OF:   A donation "In Memory" of someone you have lost to AIDS, or "In Honor" of a particular individual. The minimum donation is $35.

CARE & SHIPPING DONOR:  By giving $100 to $499, you can help underwrite the annual cost to ship, store, and care for borrowed portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt.  IAPI displays panels at various venues throughout the year and this donation will insure the availability of needed sections.

SCHOOL SPONSOR:  A donation of $500 or more underwrites the costs to bring the IAPI’s “Quilt 101" - HIV/AIDS Prevention Program to any area school.  In this program, two to four sections of the International Quilt are displayed at a school where youth are taught about compassion and memorials as part of an overall HIV/AIDS education program.

MATCHING GIFTS:  Many companies have corporate programs by which they will match donations of their employees (and sometimes retirees).  If your company offers a matching gift program, please consider having your donation doubled.


The following categories are acknowledged on IAPI’s website and newsletter:

SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOL QUILT PROGRAM:  In 1999, IAPI began a special project to share the Quilt with schools in South Africa.  IAPI’s “Quilt 101" - HIV/AIDS Prevention Program was adapted for South African schools in collaboration with their HIV/AIDS education and prevention efforts. In partnership with The Siswe Sonke Quilting Project of South Africa, this program reaches over 20,000 students each year. A donation helps IAPI continue its efforts to connect Americans with South Africans.

A donation of $100 or more helps in South Africa:
 • Provide fabric and supplies for panelmaking workshops
 • Transport local PWAs to school activities
 • Provide meals for volunteers

A donation of $500 or more sponsors in South Africa:
 • Training sessions for local volunteers
 • Office equipment and supplies
 • Space to store and protect the Quilt
 • Transport local staff to Quilt activities
 • Internet access for sistering (mentor) program
 • Internet access for students to do research on HIV/AIDS


We are proud and honored to have these past and present sponsors for their financial support, and in-kind donations.  These sponsors have been acknowledged on printed materials, website, and/or included in our newsletter.


[World AIDS Day, Annual Street Fair, South Africa Education
 & Tour Program, Caribbean World AIDS Day]

(Gift of $5,000 or more)

Bristol Myers-Squibb
Better Health Care Foundation
JP Morgan Chase
Minority HealthCare Communications, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.
Philippi East School Clinic


[Underwrite outreaches, displays, and programs for schools]
(Gift of $2,500 or more)

District Council 1707
Dutch AIDS Fund
Gay Men's Health Crisis
Stop AIDS Now, Netherlands


[Transport and Supplies for Quilt in New York, small venue displays]
(Gift of $1,000 or more)

American Express
Beth Israel Continuum Health Partners, Inc.
DKNY/Donna Karan Intimates
Fairfield County AIDS Walk, Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Company
Nassau Community College
NYU School of Dentistry


IAPI, Inc.
Federal Tax ID # 13-3906161
Public charity as described under IRS statute with 501(c)(3) designation

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"Wish List"

IAPI is looking for in-kind services and other donated items in order to keep operating costs down.  If any of these items is something you would like to assist us with on a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, please call or email us at: IAPInitiative@aol.com

General Office:

 • In-kind Printing Services for newsletter
 • Paper for copy and print
 • File Cabinets (2 or 4 drawer)
 • Shipping boxes, duffle bags w/wheels
 • Office-sized (compact) refrigerator
 • Scanner
 • Electric Stapler
 • Cable ties (9" to 11")
Sewing supplies:

• Sewing machines, needles, thread, etc.
• Heavy muslin or canvas for signature squares
• Fabric pens to write comments (Sharpie)
• Felt fabric, all colors
• Notions, ric rak, bias tape, buttons, beads, lace

Click here if you can donate items and services needed above.

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IAPI is a non-profit organization in the state of New York; it is recognized as tax exempt by IRS statues with a 501(c)(3) designation.  IAPI is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected annually.  Membership is offered to all persons interested in helping IAPI achieve its goals.
Membership includes:  newsletters; voting ability at membership meetings; and announcements for special events.  Membership fees are "earmarked" for general administration.
We encourage anyone wishing to become a member to contact us.  This support enables IAPI to take its “Quilt 101" - HIV/AIDS Prevention Program to the youth of New York area, provide portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt, and attend area conferences.  We invite you to help IAPI continue our work by becoming a member.
These are the three levels of membership available:

Associate Member
For an individual/household. Affords full voting rights (one vote per person/ household) at an annual cost of $35/$45 respectively

Organizational Member
For groups, organizations or businesses, full voting rights (1 vote per organization) at an annual cost of $75 in addition, these members are offered web site resource space, hyperlink and their names are included in IAPI’s calendar.

Supporting Member
For any smaller donations, there are no voting privileges.
 All other interested persons are know as non-voting   Any contribution is welcome.

Click here if you are interested in becoming a member.

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Partners and Other Organizations

IAPI is pleased to share the following list of organizations that share its commitment to helping people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.  Web addresses are listed for the purpose of obtaining additional information on their respective activities.  These organizations work with students, individuals and families members infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC)

Housing Works

NAMES Project Foundation

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