Activity Schedule – USA
(revised as of April 2005)

This section lists activities scheduled by International AIDS Prevention Initiative (“IAPI”) in the New York City area, and in the United States.  These displays, conferences, workshops, and events use portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt borrowed from IAPI’s International Quilt partners in Africa, the Asia/Pacific Rim, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America.  Each country is the owner and caretaker of its respective panels.
Each section below includes the contact and/or website for a particular event; additional information may be found on that site including updates, sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, and available scholarships.


• AIDS Walk New York (May, 2005), New York City
• National Conf. on Latin Americans & AIDS (May, 2005), Chicago
• Pride Celebrations (June, 2005), New York City
• Annual Street Fair (July, 2005), New York City
• Points of Light/Nat'l Community Service Conf. (Aug. 2005), Washington, DC
• World AIDS Day (December 1, 2005)
• National Conf. on African-Americans & AIDS (2006)

Complete schedule of displays & events

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AIDS Walk New York, Central Park
(Sunday, May 19, 2005)

IAPI will participate in Gay Men's Health Crisis ("GMHC") 20th Annual AIDS Walk New York. This simple act of walking 10k (6.2 miles) is a fun way to spend the day in Central Park, meet thousands of families, friends, and others affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.  It is also a great way to help IAPI raise funds for its programs. This will be IAPI's 13th group walk.
In 1996, GMHC developed the Community Coalition Initiative ("CCI"), now known as the AIDS Walk New York Community Partnership Program (“CPP”), which invited fellow AIDS organizations to participate as teams in the AIDS Walk and raise funds to benefit their respective organizations.  Through the program, GMHC - at no cost to participants - gives back to certified ASO's much of the money they raise during the Walk. 100% of the first $5,000 raised by that organization is returned to them.  IAPI has been a CPP member since the inception of the program. 
IAPI would like to invite others to join the IAPI Team. Call IAPI beginning in March at (212) 226-2292 to indicate that you want to register as a member of IAPI's AIDS Walk team. When registration cards are received from GMHC, a copy will be sent to you with IAPI's Team Number on it (Team 0036). If, you already have a registration card, let GMHC know that you want to be on our team by simply putting the IAPI Team Number in the space indicated.  We hope you will consider becoming part of the IAPI team and help it raise funds to continue its education and commemorative programs.

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National Conference on Latin Americans & AIDS (July 25-26, 2005), Chicago

The National Conference on Latin Americans and AIDS is organized by Minority Health Care Communications. This conference will focus on HIV/AIDS issues in the Latin-American community. Invited speakers will address current issues that apply to the Latin communities, share success stories about prevention and education programs, and provide attendees with information to assist in their daily challenges.
In 2005, IAPI will again facilitate its Living Quilt Project where attendees can honor those living with HIV/AIDS as well as those who have died. Details about IAPI's Living Quilt Program can be found by clicking this link.
In 2004, actor Eric Estrada was one of many who were invited to speak at the conference. His powerful remarks were based on his experiences with HIV/AIDS in his career and personal life; and made a significant impact to those in attendance.
For more information about this conference, registration, and participation visit:

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Pride Celebrations
(June, 2005), New York City

Today young gay men are one of the high-risk groups for new infections of HIV. IAPI works hard to reach this at-risk group. The month of June each year is gay pride in all five boroughs of New York City.  In prior years, IAPI has hosted displays of the International Quilt at Brooklyn Pride (weather permitting), and at the Queens Pride Memorial Service. IAPI uses Pride publications to introduce itself to those who know of its HIV/AIDS education efforts using the International Quilt in New York and around the world.
During Pride month this year, IAPI hopes to have regular panelmaking workshops to assist individuals create new panels to be dedicated during Pride celebrations.

For more information about volunteering or attending, please contact

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13th Annual NYC Unfolds Street Fair (July 23, 2005), New York City @ New York University

IAPI will host its 13th annual NYC Unfolds Street Fair in July 23, 2005 (date pending city permit approval). It will take place on West 3rd Street, just behind NYU's Stern School of Business and the NYU Library (between LaGuardia and Broadway). Weather permitting, Quilt from around the world will be on display. Admission is free.
This event brings out New Yorkers out to find bargains, gifts, arts and crafts, and other merchandise. With the help from Marti Gras Productions, over 100 vendors display their wares, along with portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt. In 2004, eight portions of the International Quilt were on display from Russia, South Africa, Thailand, and Venezuela.
Each year, IAPI includes a Health Resource area where a limited amount of local HIV/AIDS and health-related non-profits are invited to set up information booths highlighting their respective programs. IAPI is a strong advocate for partnerships with like-organizations, and believes collaborative efforts produce more effective results. Previous participants have included: American Run for the End of AIDS (AREA), Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Columbia University Alternative Research, Body Positive, Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR), Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC), God's Love We Deliver, Mother's Voices, New York Buyer's Club, and New York University Student Health.
The street fair is historically important to IAPI as it is held in the NYU-Village neighborhood, an area that has seen thousands of its residents lost to AIDS. We invite one and all to come and enjoy this annual event.
For tables: If you represent a NYC-based non-profit, ASO/CBO and are interested in tabling at this event, please contact IAPI for details.
Volunteering: If you would like to volunteer for three or more hours, see the shift schedule below. If one of these times is possible, please contact us

Friday, July 22, 2005:
 Shift #1: Prepare supplies and Quilt for next day
Saturday, July 23, 2005:
  Shift #2: Setup (9am to 11am)
  Shift #3: Information/Sales (11am to 3pm)
  Shift #4: Information/Sales & Breakdown (3pm to 7pm)

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Points of Light/National Community Service Conference (August 2005), Washington, DC

For the past eight years, IAPI has been invited by the Points of Light Foundation to bring portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt to their national conference.  Each year the conference is held in a different city.
IAPI will once again provide portions of the International Quilt at this year's conference. This will be the first time that Quilt sections from Russia, Thailand, Australia, Canada, and Spain will be on display. These are all part of the 2004-2005 World Quilt tour.  Each year the conference allows IAPI to provide information to thousands of attendees about the International Quilt and HIV/AIDS education programming available within the United States and abroad.
Anyone in the Washington, DC area who is a past NAMES Project/AIDS Memorial Quilt volunteer and would like to volunteer to assist with this display, please contact Jeff Bosacki at or call IAPI at (212) 226-2202.

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World AIDS Day, December 1st

World AIDS Day is one of IAPI's most important and largest events of the year. In partnership with Global Quilt (based in the Netherlands), IAPI will have sections of Quilt from around the world available to be displayed in venues to commemorate this day of remembrance.
In 2004, IAPI loaned 45 sections of International Quilt to organizations in New York City and Westchester.  Displays were also organized in Rhode Island through AIDS Quilt Rhode Island. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Inc. sponsored World AIDS Day events in 20 of their corporate offices around the world for their employees and clients.  Panels representing Argentina, Australia, Canada, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and Venezuela were displayed in the US, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.
If you would like to borrow portions of the International Quilt for World AIDS Day displays in 2005, please understand that the amount of International Quilt is limited.  Requests begin arriving in early June; the deadline for requests is September.  Please click here to learn about IAPI's World AIDS Day criteria and complete display Panel Request Forms in order to participate.

World AIDS Day Panel Dedications

This special event is a time many choose to dedicate new panels made to be included in The AIDS Memorial Quilt. IAPI encourages participants to create their own ceremony or dedication to remember those they have lost to AIDS. Some of them include a new panel dedication. You can also choose to display these new sections in the lobby of your school, church or organization. Once it has been on display for a while, we encourage you to turn in the panel directly to The NAMES Project Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. Please note the IAPI is not affiliated with The NAMES Project which is the organization that stores and maintains the AIDS Memorial Quilt within the United States.

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National Conference on AIDS & African-Americans (2006)

This annual conference is organized by Minority Health Care Communications. The conference goal is to update the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of health providers who care for patients with HIV/AIDS. It is also designed for healthcare, media, federal and state legislators, AIDS service organization officers, social workers, pharmacists, nurses, peer counselors, church leadership and corrections healthcare personnel. The objectives are to familiarize participants with the epidemiology of HIV in the US, current guidelines and cutting edge clinical modalities for the management of HIV, current research encompassing drug abuse and its connection to HIV epidemic, social and psychiatric concerns of the HIV-infected patient, policy initiatives, trends, and political issues which impact all HIV-infected patients.
Organizer Mary Hess has an incredible track record of having prominent leaders to speak at this conference. In 2005, the Reverend Jesse Jackson was the keynote speaker. In 2004, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former US Surgeon General, spoke passionately about HIV/AIDS in the African-American community.
IAPI has displayed portions of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt and facilitated its Living Quilt Program at previous conferences. Attendees have the opportunity to create either a "Commemorative Quilt" to remember someone lost to AIDS, or a "Living Quilt" for themselves or someone they know who is living with HIV/AIDS. Living and Commemorative sections will be sewn together to show both those we have lost and those living with HIV/AIDS are equally honored, commemorated, and not forgotten
2006's dates have not yet been confirmed.  You may contact March Hess or Minority Health Care Communications at: or visit

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