Diplay Positions & Shifts for Volunteers
Below are ideas about volunteer shifts and descriptions of display positions needed at the time of a display.  These are only guidelines to ensure the safety of the Quilt, and assist visitors to a display.

Volunteer Shifts:  Each display sets its own dates, times, and shifts which volunteers are needed.  If you are interested in helping at an upcoming event, please contact us at IAPInitiative@aol.com for further details.

Display Postitions:

• Setup/breakdown:  Volunteers will bring the International Quilt from storage, arrange the layout of the Quilt being displayed either on the floor, or hang from walls or ceiling.  If the Quilt is hanging, climbing ladders to attach the Quilt is one of these assignments. Other tasks include placing display signage, preparing table space for printed information, and setting up areas for new panel, media, and volunteer check-in. If setup is taking place the day of the display, we allow at least 1 to 2 hours to complete this task, longer periods of time are required for larger displays. If you are going to be assisting at the display after setup, we suggest bringing a change of clothes.
• Quilt Monitor:  These volunteers assist in protecting the International Quilt. These sections are on loan to us from foreign countries, so special attention to security and care of these sections is required.  No food, beverages, or smoking is permitted in the display area as it can damage the Quilt, monitors ensure these rules are followed.  We encourage monitors to wear white or pastel colored clothing.
• Emotional Support:  At large displays, we suggest having on hand volunteers to assist visitors who may become emotionally moved by viewing the International Quilt.  This volunteer position is available to offer comfort and support should it be necessary. We highly recommend anyone that has gone through the seminary, is a Priest, Rabbi, or has a social or psychology degree.
• Information/Merchandise Table: Information about IAPI, The NAMES Project Foundation, other displays, sponsors, and other HIV/AIDS programs are sometimes offered.  On occasion, merchandise supporting HIV/AIDS education/programs may also be sold for which volunteer assistance may be needed.
• Guest Book/Attendance:  At larger displays, a guest book for visitor comments and/or addresses to receive additional information or future mailings will be available.

People with Disabilities:  IAPI welcomes those with disabilities or physical limitations to volunteer in its HIV/AIDS education efforts.  Except for some setup assignments, most volunteer positions can accommodate people with limitations. While IAPI tries to take into consideration handicap accessibility when presenting International Quilt for display, some host organizations may not be in full compliance.

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